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Values lie at the heart of our company. As a family company, we have a long-term commitment to our various stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, etc.) We believe in mutual trust as an essential element of our relationship with our strategic partners.

Our corporate responsibility also takes the environment very much into account. As proof of this ecological awareness, we design our products with recyclable materials and actively promote the recycling of excess materials for new uses. Our “green” policy of investing in coinjection technology (the most environment-friendly) has been present since the company’s foundation.

We believe that design can improve people’s lives, from both the aesthetic and functional points of view. Our mission as a company is to act as a design editor of brilliant ideas and to apply our in-depth technical knowledge to turn them into reality. Our synthesis of design and technology offers solutions for the bathroom and for the home in general.

Estoli continues to look to the future, open to innovation and new ideas.